A New Approach to Business Plan Software

When generating a business plan you want the business software to work the way you think about the problem and not require you to fuss with obscure formulas. Most people doing business do not want to work with excel type formulas, or enter endless amounts of data into a spreadsheet. Instead, the software should work the way you think!

We have developed online business software that accomplishes this goal. In fact there are NO formulas at all. This software does all the work for you.It allows as many people as you like to be signed into the plan and editing different parts of the document. For instance, one team member might be developing the marketing plan while another team member is entering information on competitors, or a team member is working on the financials.

Let’s say you have a phone expense that is $200 per month. In traditional spreadsheet oriented software, the user enters $200 into each of the 12 months, then has to enter $2400 into year 2 and year 3. What if you could just enter phone expense is $200 per month. That’s exactly what you do in free business plan ! The system automatically enters $200 for every month in your plan, whether your plan is for 3 years or 5 years.

But then you may say, my phone expense is $200 a month for the first years, then goes up at 3% per year. In Business plan software that’s what you enter. No need to build a formula. The online business plan software will know what you need and create the entries for you.

On the other hand you may know that food expense for a restaurant is 30% of sales. In traditional Business Plan Software you have to create a spreadsheet formula for that. In this software you simply enter 30% and click a drop down box that will allow you to select sales. Done. No other work, no other thinking or fussing with formulas.

And the best part? You can see EXACTLY what you have done without trying to decipher some formula that reads A12*0.3. Who really knows what that means anyway?

So if you want to create the financials for your business plan in a simple straightforward way that is easy to understand then open a free account at Free Business Plan Software